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Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Intensity: This parameter determines the modulation intensity (depth).
12B Delay: This parameter determines how long after a key press modulation starts.
Fade In time: This parameter specifies the time it takes modulation to reach maximum intensity.
12C Keyboard Sync: Determines how subsequent notes are affected by modulation. For a setting of
OFF, modulation is applied to subsequent notes in the same way that it is currently being applied
to notes that are already held down. That is, subsequent notes will not be affected by the Delay
and Fade In Time settings. For a setting of ON, modulation restarts for each new note.
12D Frequency Keyboard Tracking: Keyboard tracking determines how modulation affects different
areas of the keyboard. For positive values, the modulation frequency will increase as higher notes
are played. For negative values, the modulation frequency will decrease as higher notes are played.
When Keyboard Sync is set to OFF, the modulation speed is determined by the position of the first
key pressed. When keyboard tracking is set to +99, playing a key 1 octave higher will double the
modulation speed. When the oscillator Octave parameter is set to 8', key C4 is the keyboard
tracking center key.
Frequency After Touch & Joystick: This parameter specifies how much the modulation
frequency will be increased in response to After Touch and Pitch Modulation MIDI Controller1.
12E After Touch Modulation Intensity: This parameter determines to what extent After Touch
affects the modulation intensity.
Joystick Modulation Intensity: This parameter determines
to what extent MIDI Controller1 affects the modulation
intensity. Moving the joystick on a connected keyboard such
as the X3 in the direction of +Y will cause MIDI Controller
#1 to be sent.
Note on
Fade In
Reference Guide
Increase pitch modulation
frequency & intensity


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