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Energy Saving Tips - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Accumulation of dust at the condenser increases energy consumption.
For this reason carefully clean the condenser at the back of the
appliance once a year with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.
7. After everything is dry place appliance back into service.

Energy Saving Tips

• Do not install the appliance near cookers, radiators or other sources
of warmth. High ambient temperatures cause longer, more frequent
operation of the compressor.
• Ensure sufficient air circulation and exhaust at the appliance base
and at the back wall of the appliance. Never cover air vent openings.
• Do not place warm foods into the appliance. Allow warm foods to
cool first.
• Only leave door open as long as necessary.
• Do not set temperature any colder than necessary.
• Place frozen goods into the refrigerator for thawing. Cold from
frozen goods is thus used for cooling in the refrigerator.
• Always keep the condenser at the back of the appliance clean.
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