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Customer Service - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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• Compressor
The compressor looks like a small bin. It is powered by an electric
motor and is housed at the back in the base of the appliance. It is the
task of the compressor to withdraw vaporous refrigerant from the
evaporator, to compress it and feed it to the condenser.
• Condenser
The condenser is usually in the form of a grid. Compressed refrigerant
from the compressor is liquefied in the condenser. Thus warmth is
released, which is given off into the surrounding air at the surface of
the condenser. The condenser is therefore outside of the appliance,
usually at the back.

Customer Service

If you cannot find the remedy for a malfunction in these operating
instructions, please contact your dealer or our customer service
department. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed in the
accompanying booklet "Guarantee Conditions/Customer Service
Selective ordering of replacement parts can save unnecessary travel
and costs. For this reason always provide the following appliance
• Model Name
• Model Number (PNC)
• Serial Number (S-No.)
This information can be found on the rating plate in the interior at the
left of the appliance. We recommend that you enter this information
here, so that it is handy if needed.
If the temperature display should indicate an error (F7, F8, square),
inform customer service of the displayed error.
Note: A charge will be made if a customer service call is made to
rectify a problem listed in the section „What to do if ...", even during
the guarantee period.

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