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Reversing The Door - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Reversing the Door

The side at which the door opens can be changed from the right side
(factory adjustment) to the left side, if the installation site requires.
Warning! When changing the side at which the door opens, the
appliance must not be connected to the mains. Remove plug from the
mains beforehand.
Parts supplied are for door closer
(B2 and C2) with the door
hinged on the left.
Please retain removed parts for
possible later changes to the side
on which the door is hung.
1. Pull base cover forward to
2. With door closed screw pivot pin
(A) out of the lower door pivot.
3. Lift the door carefully, remove
to the front and place on one
4. Remove slider for the door closer
(B1) from the right lower part of
the door (if necessary using a
sharp screwdriver). Separate the
corresponding supplied slider
(B2) from the connecting piece
and insert it at the bottom left
side of the door.

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