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Switching The Appliance Off - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Important! Once the FROSTMATIC function has been switched on the
DESIRED temperature that was set originally cannot be changed.
The current freezer temperature appears in the display when the
FAST FREEZE function is switched on. If one of the temperature setting
buttons is pressed, "SF" (Super Frost) will appear in the display for
5 seconds. The display will then revert to showing the current freezer
Information: When in FROSTMATIC mode the appliance is operating at
maximum refrigerating capacity. The noises produced by the refrigerat-
ing unit may be temporarily louder.

Switching the Appliance Off

In order to protect frozen goods, the appliance is guarded against
accidental switching off (child-proof).
1. To switch off press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds.
A so-called "count down" is started in the temperature display, which
counts backwards from "3" to "1". After "1" is reached the appliance
switches off. Illumination at the temperature display goes off.
The appliance cannot be switched on or off if unplugged, or if there is
no power being supplied to it.
Following connection to the mains power supply, the appliance returns
to the same operating state as before the interruption of main power.
If the appliance is to be removed from service for a lengthy period:
1. Switch appliance off by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for
about 2 seconds (see above).
2. Remove the mains plug or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or
3. It is essential to clean the appliance (see the "Cleaning and Mainte-
nance" chapter).
4. Leave door open to avoid accumulation of odours.
When put into operation again, the appliance starts in the operation
mode, in which it was set prior to switching off.

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