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Buttons For Adjusting The Temperature; Temperature Display - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Appliance Description

Buttons for Adjusting the Temperature

These buttons are connected to the temperature display.
• The temperature display is switched over from the display of the
ACTUAL temperature (Temperature display is illuminated) to the dis-
play of the DESIRED temperature (Temperature display flashes) by
pressing one of the two buttons, „+" (WARMER) or „-" (COLDER).
• Each time one of the two buttons is pressed again the DESIRED tem-
perature is adjusted by 1 °C.
• If neither button is pressed, the temperature display automatically
switches back after a short period (approx. 5 sec.) to the display of
the ACTUAL temperature. The ACTUAL temperature in the appliance is
now adjusted to match the preset DESIRED temperature.
DESIRED temperature means:
The temperature that is required in the appliance, this can be adjusted
to the temperatures shown in the display. The DESIRED temperature is
indicated by flashing numbers.
ACTUAL temperature means:
The temperature display indicates the temperature that is currently
present in the appliance. The ACTUAL temperature is indicated with
illuminated numbers.
If the FROSTMATIC or COOLMATIC functions are switched on it is not
possible to change the temperature setting.

Temperature Display

• In normal operation the current freezer compartment temperature is
displayed (ACTUAL temperature).
• During temperature adjustment, a blinking display of the
temperature selected at the moment occurs (DESIRED temperature).
• In the COOLMATIC function "IC" for intensive cooling appears in the
display .
The current freezer temperature appears in the display while FROST-
MATIC is functioning. If one of the temperature setting buttons is
The temperature is adjusted using the „+" (WAR-
MER) and „-" (COLDER) buttons.
The temperature display shows several types of

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