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Energy Saving Tips - AEG ARCTIS G 9 18 50-4 i Operating And Installation Instructions

Integrating freezer
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lead to the damage of plastic parts.
• The appliance must be dry before it is placed back into service.
• Ethereal oils and organic solvents can attack plastic parts, e.g.
– lemon juice or the juice from orange peals;
– butyric acid;
– cleansers which contain acetic acid.
Do not allow such substances to come into contact with appliance parts.
• Do not use any abrasive cleansers.
Remove frozen food and the food from the refrigerator. Wrap frozen food
in several layers of newspaper. Store it in a cool place, well covered.
Switch the appliance off and remove the plug from the mains, or switch off
or turn out the circuit breaker or fuse.
Clean the appliance and the interior accessories with a cloth and lukewarm
water. Commercially available dish washing detergents may also be used.
After cleaning wipe with fresh water and rub dry.
Accumulation of dust at the condenser increases energy consumption. For
this reason carefully clean the condenser at the back of the appliance once
a year with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Energy Saving Tips

• Do not install the appliance near cookers, radiators or other sources of
warmth. High ambient temperatures cause longer, more frequent opera-
tion of the compressor.
• Ensure sufficient air circulation and exhaust at the appliance base and at
the back wall of the appliance. Never cover air vent openings.
• Do not place warm foods into the appliance. Allow warm foods to cool
• Only leave door open as long as necessary.
• Do not set temperature any colder than necessary.
• Put frozen food in the fridge to defrost. The cold in the frozen food will
then be used to cool the fridge.
• Always keep the heat emitting condenser, the metal grille on the rear wall
of your appliance, clean.

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