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Control And Information Systems; Temperature And Thawing/Defrosting Warning - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Control and Information Systems

The control and information systems consist of a temperature display,
an optical warning display and an acoustic warning device.
The system warns of:
– open appliance door;
– excessive temperature in the freezer compartment (only in the
operation mode "Freezing");
– possible partial or complete thawing of frozen goods;
– functional disturbances at the appliance.
Without signifying any risk to the frozen food the warning tone can
come on:
– when larger quantities of fresh foods are stored;
– if the appliance door is left open too long;

Temperature and Thawing/Defrosting Warning

(only in the operating mode "Freezing")
The red warning indicator flashes and a warning tone sounds as soon as
the temperature in the freezer rises above -12 °C.
1. You can cancel the warning tone with the WARNING OFF button.
The temperature display for the freezer indicates the warmest tempera-
ture the freezer has reached during the temperature alarm period. After
approx. 5 seconds the temperature display reverts to the current freezer
While the current freezer temperature is warmer than -12 °C, the
warmest temperature the freezer has reached during the alarm period
is stored and can be called up as often as wished by pressing the
When the temperature in the freezer falls below -13 °C, the warning
tone switches off automatically. The red warning indicator will con-
tinue to flash.
If the WARNING OFF button is pressed now, the red warning indicator
switches off. In addition, the temperature display will show for five sec-
onds the highest temperature the frozen food has warmed to. Then the
display will change to the current freezer temperature. The stored high-
est temperature is now erased.
Information: After the appliance has been switched on, the warning
tone is suppressed until such time as the DESIRED temperature is

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