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Cleaning And Maintenance - AEG ARCTIS No-frost (frost free) Operating Instructions Manual

No-frost (frost free) cooling and freezing appliance
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Cleaning and Maintenance

For hygienic reasons the appliance interior, including interior
accessories, should be cleaned regularly.
• The appliance must not be connected to the mains during cleaning.
Danger of electrical shock! Before cleaning switch the appliance off
and remove the plug from the mains, or switch off or turn out the
circuit breaker or fuse.
• Never clean the appliance with a steam cleaner. Moisture could
accumulate in electrical components, danger of electrical shock! Hot
vapours can lead to the damage of plastic parts.
• The appliance must be dry before it is placed back into service.
• The appliance defrosts automatically. Do not use mechanical or
artificial devices to accelerate the defrosting process.
• Ethereal oils and organic solvents can attack plastic parts, e.g.
– lemon juice or the juice from orange peals;
– butyric acid;
– cleansers which contain acetic acid.
Do not allow such substances to come into contact with appliance
• Do not use any abrasive cleansers.
1. Press the FROSTMATIC button about 12 hours prior to cleaning, so that
the frozen goods can build up a sufficient chill reserve.
Caution! Do not touch frozen goods with wet hands. Hands can freeze
to the goods.
2. Remove frozen goods, pack them in several layers of newspaper, cover
them and store them in a cool place.
3. Switch appliance off by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for
about 2 seconds.
4. Remove the mains plug or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker or
5. Clean the appliance and the interior accessories with a cloth and luke-
warm water.
6. After cleaning wipe with clean water and rub dry.

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