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Control Panel; Operation; Temperature Regulation And Adjusting The Temperature; Action Freeze Function - AEG SANTO 75320 DT User Manual

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Table of Contents

Control panel

A. Button for temperature regulation
O O p p e e r r a a t t i i o o n n
Remove, if present, the "Remove" label stuck on the inside of the
freezer compartment.
Insert the plug into the wall socket.
S S w w i i t t c c h h i i n n g g o o f f f f
To switch off the appliance remove the mains plug.
Temperatur regulation
The temperature indicated by the LED is selected each time the button is
pressed. The Selection is progressive,varying from +2 °C to +8 °C.
Keep the button pressed until the LED corresponding to the required
temperature lights up.
Adjusting the temperature
The temperature inside may be influenced by these factors.
•room temperature
•how often the doors are opened
•amount of food stored
•appliance position

Action Freeze Function

To quickly lower the freezer compartment temperature activate the
Action Freeze function (*).
Keep pressing the button A until the LED corresponding to the symbol
(*)lights up.
To deselect the Action Freeze function (*) keep pressing the button until
the required temperature is selected.


Table of Contents

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