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8/4 gbps fc san module administrator's guide
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Preferred Secondary N_Port

Additional information

This section lists additional industry-specific documentation that you might find helpful.

Industry resources

For additional information, visit the Technical Committee T11 Web site. This Web site provides
interface standards for high-performance and mass storage applications for Fibre Channel, storage
management, and other applications:
For information about the Fibre Channel industry, visit the Fibre Channel Industry Association Web

Getting technical help

Contact your switch support supplier for hardware, firmware, and software support, including
product repairs and part ordering. To expedite your call, have the following information available:
1. General Information
A fabric port. A switch port that connects a host, HBA (host bus adaptor), or
storage device to the SAN. On the FC SAN Module, the internal port (F_Port)
connects to an HBA on an individual blade server.
On the FC SAN Module, the configuration of internal port (F_Port) to external
port (N_Port) routes.
A node port. A Fibre Channel host or storage port in a fabric or point-to-point
connection. On the FC SAN Module, the external port (N_Port connects to the
Edge switch.
N_Port ID Virtualization. Allows a single Fibre Channel port to appear as
multiple, distinct ports providing separate port identification and security
zoning within the fabric for each operating system image as if each operating
system image had its own unique physical port.
On the FC SAN Module, the preferred secondary external port (N_Port) refers
to the secondary path to which an internal port (F_Port) fails over if the
primary external port goes offline.
Dell Service Tag
Technical Support contract number, if applicable
FC SAN Module model
FC SAN Module operating system version
Error numbers and messages received
Dell 8/4Gbps FC SAN Module Administrator's Guide


Table of Contents

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