Dell PowerConnect M8428-k Manual

Dell 10 gb ethernet pass through-k  for m1000e software user’s manual (for system administrators)
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Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through -k for M1000e
Software User's Manual
Rev 1.00
This document is intended for administrators.


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  • Page 1 Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through -k for M1000e Software User’s Manual Rev 1.00 This document is intended for administrators.
  • Page 2 © 2011 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell™, the DELL logo, and PowerEdge™ are trademarks of Dell Inc.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Rev 1.00 Table of Contents About this Manual ..............5 Intended Audience .
  • Page 4 Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Resolving Link Connectivity Problems ....... . 24 Resolving a Link Protocol Mismatch .
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    Rev 1.00 About this Manual This manual describes the installation and basic use of the Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through -k for M1000e. Intended Audience This manual is intended for users and system administrators responsible for installing and setting up the I/O module.
  • Page 6: Chapter 1 Overview

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Overview This manual explains the use of the embedded software management of the 10GbE PTM. It explains how to connect to the 10GbE PTM and to the CMC, and how to update the module and device firmware and software.
  • Page 7: Led Behavior

    Rev 1.00 • Downlink (server blade) does not support the link protocol of the port group to which it is attached • Uplink (remote peer) does not support the link protocol of the port group to which it is attached The following drawing demonstrates link protocol mismatch conditions: Figure 2: Link Protocol Mismatch Examples Blade Configuration:...
  • Page 8: 10Gbe Ptm Status Lights

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Table 3 - LED Behavior Condition Green LED Amber LED Description Link up Both the internal and external links are up Data activity blink Link is up and data packets are sent or received Section 1.3, “Link Protocol Mis- Link protocol mismatch Refer to match Condition,”...
  • Page 9: Chapter 2 Connecting To The 10Gbe Ptm Cli

    Rev 1.00 Connecting to the 10GbE PTM CLI If you are connecting to the system over a network, you will need an SSH client that supports ZModem file transfer. The examples in this document use Secure CommNet v2.35 (download from After you download the software, some initial configuration is necessary. Please follow the next configuration steps;...
  • Page 10 Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Figure 6: Setup > Terminal Settings 3. Select Emulation type => SCOANSI/ANSI and VT100. 4. Select Backspace Character => Control-H Figure 7: Set Emulation Type and Backspace Character 5. Go to Communications => Open SSH2 connection. This will open the SSH2 Connection dia- log box.
  • Page 11 Rev 1.00 Figure 8: Communications > Open SSH Connection 6. Fill in the hostname or IP address of your system. 7. Fill in the user name and the password. Figure 9: Enter Hostname and Password 8. Your SSH connection will open. You will see a welcome banner and a user prompt (#) Figure 10: SSH Connected 9.
  • Page 12 Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Figure 11: getioinfo The 10GbE PTM is listed by the system as “10Gb PT KR” "DELL 10GbE KR PTM". 10. Run the following command to connect to the 10GbE PTM CLI: # connect switch-3 Figure 12: 10GbE PTM Welcome Banner 11.
  • Page 13: Chapter 3 Command Line Interface (Cli) Reference

    Rev 1.00 Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference 10GbE PTM management is done via the 10GbE PTM CLI. You can use the commands described in this section after successfully connecting to the 10GbE PTM CLI according to the procedure Section 2, “Connecting to the 10GbE PTM CLI,” on page 9 described in CLI Privilege Levels The 10GbE PTM supports the following user privilege levels:...
  • Page 14: Cli Command Reference Conventions

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Table 5 - List of Commands Command Short Description Reference name Section 3.7.1, “set port test set port test Sets port test mode attributes (ADMIN),” on page 18 Section 3.7.2, “show port link,” on show port link Shows port link state page 18 Section 3.7.3, “show port module,”...
  • Page 15: Login (Admin)

    Rev 1.00 Description: Show the list of all available commands. ADMIN: when in ADMIN mode, this command will also show commands that require ADMIN privilege level. Example: # help Commands list: Show this help message help Show this help message copy image from-file Upload new software image to the PTM 3.4.2 login (ADMIN)
  • Page 16: Software Update Commands

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Description: Use this command to restart the module components. When this command is issued, PTM compo- nents go through a full hardware reset, followed by software reload. Options: • device_number: specify a single device to reset Example: $ reload Software Update Commands...
  • Page 17: Device Commands

    Rev 1.00 • device_number: device number onto which to upload the image (0..3, where 0 indicates micro-controller image) Example: # copy image from-file # login admin & copy image from-file 2 # Update image on device no. 2 & login user Device Commands 3.6.1 show device temp (ADMIN) Synopsys:...
  • Page 18: Port Commands

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Port Commands 3.7.1 set port test (ADMIN) Synopsys: set port test port_number [prbs31 on|off|start|stop] Description: Configure test mode on a port. Test mode is used to measure link quality and calibrate link tuning parame- ters. •...
  • Page 19: Show Port Module

    Rev 1.00 mismatch - both uplink and downlink are connected, but there is a mismatch 10G - uplink and downlink are connected at 10GbE • Downlink port link state: - down: blade not present - 10G: 10GbE link • Detailed downlink port link states (available in ADMIN level only): - 10G KR [AN]: 10GBASE-KR link;...
  • Page 20: Show Port Test (Admin)

    Rev 1.00 Software User’s Manual Example: # show port module 1 Status......... OK Gigabit Ethernet Compliance Codes....10GBASE-SR Vendor Name........FINISAR CORP. Vendor Part Number......FTLX8571D3BCL-ME Vendor Serial Number......UDD01@A Vendor Revision Number......A 3.7.4 show port test (ADMIN) Synopsys: show port test port_number Description: Show test mode on the specified downlink port port_number.
  • Page 21 Rev 1.00 Description: Write data to an internal register on a PhyX device. This command accepts the following parameters: • device_number – the device to which memory the data should be written • address – memory location of the internal register (32-bit address) •...
  • Page 22: Chapter 4 Operating Procedures

    CPU SW & PhyX® FW using a single .pfw binary file. The 10GbE PTM is delivered with the latest firmware available at the time of production. New fir- mare versions will be posted on the Dell support page. The latest firmware can be found at: Download the 10GbE PTM firmware .zip file and extract the .pfw binary file.
  • Page 23 At the end of a successful SW update process, the following message will be displayed: Step 9. FW updated successfully! Welcome to the Dell 10GbE PTM Management Console firmware X.X.XXX-<date stamp> Login to the 10GbE PTM CLI as admin. Run: Step 10.
  • Page 24: Chapter 5 Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This section provides troubleshooting information for common error conditions. If the described procedure does not solve the problem, please contact your Dell representative for assistance. Please use the following table to identify the required correctional operation: Table 6 - Error Conditions and Correctional Operation...
  • Page 25: Resolving A Link Protocol Mismatch

    Rev 1.00 chassisaction –m switch-<n> powercycle where <n> is the switch number [1-6]. Resolving a Link Protocol Mismatch Log in to 10GbE PTM CLI and run the “show port link” command. Check the status of the down- Section 3.7.2 link and uplink in the relevant port to identify the mismatch – see for details.

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