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Grizzly G0602 Owner's Manual: Cutting Shallow Tapers With Tailstock; Aligning Tailstock

10" x 22" benchtop lathe.
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Cutting Shallow
Tapers with
To setup the tailstock to cut tapers:
Loosen the tailstock lock nut.
Using a 4mm hex wrench, alternately loosen
and tighten the left and right offset adjust-
ment set screws until the desired offset is
indicated on the scale (see Figure 17).
Tighten the tailstock lock nut.
Note: To return the tailstock back to the
original position, repeat the process until the
centered position is indicated on the scale.
Left Offset
Figure 17. Left offset adjustment.
G0602 10" X 22" Benchtop Lathe
The tailstock is factory aligned with the head-
stock. We recommend that you take the time to
ensure that the tailstock is aligned to your own
desired tolerances.
To align the tailstock:
Lock Nut
Offset Scale

Aligning Tailstock

Using a precision level on the bedways,
make sure the lathe is level side-to-side and
front-to-back. If the lathe is not level, correct
this condition before proceeding.
Get two pieces of steel round stock that are
two inches in diameter and six inches long.
Center drill both ends of one piece of the
round stock. Set it aside for use in Step 6.
Using the other piece of stock, make a dead
center by turning a shoulder to make a
shank. Flip the piece over in the chuck and
turn a 60º point (see Figure 26).
Note: As long as the dead center remains in
the chuck, the point of your center will remain
true to the spindle axis. Keep in mind that the
point will have to be refinished whenever it is
removed and returned to the chuck.
Figure 26. Chuck centering the dead center.


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