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Grizzly G0602 Owner's Manual: Section 6: Maintenance; Basic Maintenance; General Lubrication

10" x 22" benchtop lathe.
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Basic Maintenance

Regular periodic maintenance of your lathe will
ensure optimum performance. Make a habit of
inspecting your machine each time you use it.
Check for the following conditions and repair
or replace when necessary:
Loose mounting bolts and chuck.
Worn switch or safety features.
Worn or damaged cords or plug.
Any other condition that could hamper the
safe operation of this machine.

General Lubrication

Make sure to unplug the lathe before lubrication
and cleaning.
Keep the gearbox oil level at
by the sight glass (Figure 35). After break-in,
change the oil in the gearbox with Mobil
Heavy-Medium or an equivalent grade of oil, then
again after three months. After that, change the
oil at the same time on an annual basis or more
frequently if extreme machine use requires it.
Gearbox Oil Fill
Figure 35. Headstock oil level sight glass.
full as shown
Oil Level
Sight Glass
For daily lubrication, use a manual oil gun with a
general 10W machine oil to lubricate the 11 ball
oilers. Refer to Figures 36-39 for ball oiler loca-
tions. Make sure you wipe off the fittings before
you oil them.
To control surface rust on machined surfaces,
wipe the unprotected metal as required with a rust
inhibiting oil.
Never blow the lathe off with compressed air,
otherwise you will force metal shavings deep into
mechanisms. Use a shop vacuum instead. Never
use acetone, gasoline, or lacquer thinner to
remove stains or oil from painted surfaces. These
chemicals will melt the paint. Use mineral spirits
or mild household degreasers.
Spindle Oil Balls
Figure 36. Spindle ball oilers in headstock.
Figure 37. Change gear ball oilers and gearbox
G0602 10" X 22" Benchtop Lathe


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