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Grizzly G0602 Owner's Manual: Glossary Of Terms

10" x 22" benchtop lathe.
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The following is a list of common definitions, terms and phrases used throughout this manual as they relate
to this lathe and metalworking in general. Become familiar with these terms for assembling, adjusting or
operating this machine. Your safety is VERY important to us at Grizzly!
Arbor: A machine shaft that supports a cutting
Backlash: Wear in a screw or gear mechanism
that may result in slippage, vibration, and loss
of tolerance.
Carriage: A main housing that consists of the
apron and the saddle.
Cross Slide: A fixture attached to the lathe car-
riage that holds the compound rest and can be
moved in and out.
Compound Rest: A fixture attached to the cross
slide that holds the tool holder and can be
moved in and out.
Cutting Speed: The distance a point on a cutter
moves in one minute, expressed in meters or
feet per minute.
Dial Indicator: An instrument used in setup
and inspection work that shows on a dial the
amount of error in size or alignment of a part.
Dividing Head: A milling machine accessory
used to divide a circular object into a number
of equal parts.
Down Milling or Climb Milling: Feeding the
workpiece in the same direction as the cutter
Facing: In lathe work, cutting across the end of a
workpiece, usually to machine a flat surface.
Feed: The movement of a cutting tool into a
Fixture: A device that securely holds the
workpiece in place during cutting operation
as opposed to a jig which is used to hold and
guide a workpiece through an operation.
G0602 10" X 22" Benchtop Lathe

Glossary of Terms

Gib: A tapered wedge located along a sliding
member to take up wear or to ensure a proper
Headstock: The major lathe component that
houses the spindle and motor drive system to
turn the workpiece.
Lathe Center: A lathe accessory with a 60°
point which is inserted into the headstock or
tailstock of the lathe and is used to support the
Leadscrew: Lathe—The long screw that is driv-
en by the end gears and supplies power to the
carriage. Mill—The screws that move the table
in longitudinal, transverse, or vertical direc-
Saddle: The upper portion of carriage that rides
on the lathe ways and supports the cross feed
and the follow rest.
Spindle: The revolving shaft that holds and
drives the workpiece or cutting tool.
Tailstock: A moveable fixture opposite of the
headstock on a lathe that has a spindle used
to support one end of a workpiece and for hold-
ing tools.
Tool Post: The part of the compound rest that
holds the tool holder.
Turret: Lathe—A machine fixture that holds mul-
tiple tools and can be revolved and indexed to
position. Mill—The part of a mill which rotates
on the column and can be set to a specific
Ways: The precision machined and flat tracks on
a lathe or mill on which the carriage, tailstock,
and the mill table and knee slide.


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