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Grizzly G0602 Owner's Manual: Site Considerations; Clean Up

10" x 22" benchtop lathe.
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Site Considerations

Workbench and Floor Load
Your lathe is a heavy load (330 lbs.) distributed over
a small footprint. Bolt it to a workbench, cabinet, or
machine table that can support the machine and the
workpiece. If there is any tipping risk, bolt the work-
bench, cabinet, or machine table to the shop floor.
Make sure the floor will hold the accumulated load of
the machine, workpiece, workbench, and operator.
Placement Location
Consider existing and anticipated needs, motor
access, length of rods to be loaded into the lathe,
and space for auxiliary stands, work tables or other
machinery when establishing a location for your
lathe (see Figure 3 for minimum wall clearances).
Unsupervised children and
visitors inside your shop
could cause serious per-
sonal injury to themselves.
Lock all entrances to the
shop when you are away and
DO NOT allow unsupervised
children or visitors in your
shop at any time!
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Figure 3. Mounting bolt pattern and minimum working clearances.
G0602 10" X 22" Benchtop Lathe
The ways and other unpainted parts of your lathe
are coated with a waxy grease that protects
them from corrosion during shipment. Clean this
grease off with a solvent cleaner or citrus-based
degreaser. DO NOT use chlorine-based sol-
vents such as brake parts cleaner, lacquer thin-
ner, or acetone—if you happen to splash some
onto a painted surface, you will ruin the finish.

Clean Up

Gasoline and petroleum
products ignite easily.
DO NOT use gasoline or
petroleum products to
clean the machinery.
Many of the solvents
commonly used to clean
machinery can be toxic
when inhaled or ingest-
ed. Lack of ventilation
while using these sol-
vents could cause seri-
ous personal health risks
or fire. Take precautions
from this hazard by only
using cleaning solvents
in a well ventilated area.


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