Roland VS-2400CD Appendices: Digital I/o

24tr / 24-bit / 96khz digital studio workstation.
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Q: Is it possible to connect two
VS-2400CD's in cascade via R-BUS to
transfer audio data, various control
messages and synchronization?
A: Yes. VS-2400CD can transfer eight channel audio data,
MIDI Time Code (MTC) for synchronization and MIDI
Machine Control (MMC) via R-BUS.
At this moment, control messages which came in via R-BUS
cannot be sent out through R-BUS. To synchronize three
VS-2400CD's (or more), MIDI should be used
Q: Is an R-BUS connector supplied with
the VS-2400CD? Are R-BUS cables sold
A: VS-2400CD is equipped with one R-BUS connector.
An R-BUS cable does not come with VS-2400CD. Please use
the cable which is attached to the external R-BUS devices, or
order the following cables.
• RBC-1 (1-meter)
• RBC-3 (3-meters)
The RBC-5 (discontinued) does not support the use of 64 kHz
or higher sampling frequencies.
When using sampling frequencies of 64 kHz or higher, please
use the RBC-1 (1-meter) or RBC-3 (3-meters) R-BUS cable.
Operation may be unstable when using the RBC-5 with the
DIF-AT or AE-7000.
Use the RBC-1 (1-meter) or RBC-3 (3-meters) when using
these devices.
Q: Is it possible to output the
multi-channel audio via
Coaxial/Optical just like DTS and
Dolby Digital?
A: VS-2400CD does not have any multi-channel digital audio
encoding function such as the DTS format. And do not input
DTS signals or any other this kind of signals to the digital
input on VS-2400CD. Please use an external encode/decode
Q: What digital devices can be used
when sampling rate is set to 96kHz?
A: Devices such as the Roland VS-2480/2480CD can be
Q: Is it possible to use two digital in
connectors simultaneously?
A: No. You must select whether to use the optical or the
coaxial connectors, not both.
Q: Is it possible to output two different
signals from each of the two digital
out connectors?
A: No. You cannot both operate at the same time, however
just with the same signal.


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