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Maytag Gemini MGR6875ADS Use And Care Manual page 15

Gas precision touch 850 series double oven range
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Table of Contents
Oven Cooking
Keep Warm
For safely keeping hot foods warm or for warming breads and
To set Keep Warm:
1. Press the Keep Warm pad.
• WARM flashes.
• 000 and UPPER or LOWER flash in
the display.
2. Select the Keep Warm temperature. Press the Autoset pad
or the appropriate number pads.
• 170° will light when the Autoset pad is pressed.
• Each press of the Autoset pad will increase the
temperature by 5°.
The Keep Warm temperature can be set from 145° to 190°.
WARM and the temperature will be displayed while the
function is active.
To cancel Keep Warm:
1. Press the CANCEL pad.
2. Remove food from the oven.
Keep Warm Notes:
• For optimal food quality, oven cooked foods should be
kept warm for no longer than 1 to 2 hours.
• To keep foods from drying, cover loosely with foil or a lid.
• To warm dinner rolls:
- cover rolls loosely with foil and place in oven.
- press Keep Warm and Autoset pads.
- warm for 12-15 minutes.
• To warm plates:
- place 2 stacks of up to four plates each in the oven.
- press Keep Warm and Autoset pads.
- warm for 5 minutes, turn off the oven and leave
plates in the oven for 15 minutes more.
- use only oven-safe plates, check with the
- do not set warm dishes on a cold surface as rapid
temperature changes could cause crazing or
The Favorite pad allows you to save the time and temperature
from a Cook & Hold Bake, Cook & Hold Convect Bake or Cook
& Hold Convect Roast (lower oven only) cycle.
To set a Favorite cycle, a Cook & Hold function must be either
active or just programmed.
To set a new Favorite cycle or to save a cur-
rently running Cook & Hold as a Favorite:
1. Program a Cook & Hold cycle as described in the Cook &
Hold section on page 12.
2. Press and hold the Favorite pad for three
• The newly set or currently running Cook & Hold setting
will be saved.
• A double then a single beep will sound to indicate that
the control has accepted the Favorite setting.
To start a cycle programmed into Favorite:
1. Press the Favorite pad.
• Time and temperature for the set Cook & Hold feature
will be displayed. (If no Cook & Hold setting has been
programmed, "nonE" is displayed.)
2. Press the Bake, Convect Bake or Convect Roast (lower
oven only) pad.
• The Favorite function will begin immediately.
• The selected function and cooking time will light in the
When the cooking time has elapsed:
• The selected function will turn off.
• The WARM HOLD will light and 170° will display.
To cancel a Favorite cycle in progress:
1. Press the appropriate CANCEL pad.
2. Remove food from the oven.
• The stored Favorite setting will not be affected.

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Table of Contents

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