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Maytag Gemini MGR6875ADS Use And Care Manual page 11

Gas precision touch 850 series double oven range
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Table of Contents
Oven Cooking
Return To Factory Default
The control can be reset to the factory default settings. To
return to the default settings:
1. Press and hold upper oven Keep Warm and CANCEL pads
for 3 seconds. A single beep will sound and 12:00 will
appear in the display.
2. Reset the clock to the current time of day.
Setting Oven Functions
Auto Set Pad
Use with function pads to automatically set:
• 350° F bake temperature
• HI or LO broil
• three hours of cleaning time
• 170° F keep warm temperature
To set Bake:
1. Press the Bake pad for desired oven.
• BAKE and 000 will flash in the display.
2. Select the oven temperature. Press the
Autoset pad for 350° F or the appropriate
number pads.
• Each additional press of the Autoset pad will increase
the temperature by 25°.
• The oven temperature can be set from 170° to 550°.
3. Press Bake pad again or wait four seconds.
• BAKE will stop flashing and light in the display.
• PREHEAT will light in the display.
• 100° or the actual oven temperature if over 100° F will
display. It will rise in 5° increments until the preset
temperature is reached.
4. Allow the selected oven to preheat for 8-15 minutes.
• When the set oven temperature is reached, one long
beep will sound.
• The set temperature will display.
• PREHEAT will turn off.
• To recall set temperature during preheat, press Bake
5. Place food in the oven.
6. Check cooking progress at the minimum cooking time.
Cook longer if needed.
7. When cooking is finished, press CANCEL pad.
8. Remove food from the oven.
Baking Differences Between Your Old
and New Oven
It is normal to notice some baking time differences between a
new oven and an old one. See "Adjusting the Oven Temperature"
on page 15.
Baking Notes:
• Allow at least
-inch between the baking pan or
casserole and the top burner in the upper oven. Loaf,
angel food or bundt pans are not recommended in the
upper oven.
• Do not use temperatures below 140° F to keep food warm
or below 200° F for cooking. For food safety reasons, lower
temperatures are not recommended.
• When preheating with a baking/pizza stone inside the
upper oven, do not set oven above 400° F. To use baking/
pizza stones at temperatures above 400° in the upper
oven, put stone in after the preheat beep.
• To change the oven temperature during cooking, press
Bake pad, then press the Autoset pad or appropriate
number pads until the desired temperature is displayed.
• To change the oven temperature during preheat,
press the Bake pad twice, then press the Autoset pad
or appropriate number pads until the desired tem-
perature is displayed.
• If you forget to turn off the oven, it will automatically turn
off at the end of 12 hours. If you wish to deactivate this
feature, see page 15.
Baking with Convection
(lower oven only)
When convection baking, enter your normal baking tempera-
ture. The control will automatically reduce the set oven
temperature by 25° (even though normal baking temperature
is displayed). The convect fan will start after the oven has
been on for five minutes.
To set Convect Bake:
1. Press the Convect Bake pad.
• LOWER BAKE and FAN will flash
• 000 will flash in the display.

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Table of Contents

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