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HP ProCurve J8766A Release Note Page 110

Hp procurve j8766a: release note.
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Release L.11.08 Enhancements
to execute after the necessary configuration work is completed) will ensure that the switch
will reboot automatically. Assuming the ACL changes were not saved to the startup config,
telnet access will then be restored. If the ACL work is completed successfully, with no loss
of access, the scheduled reboot can be cancelled with the reload cancel command.
To schedule a reload in 15 minutes:
ProCurve# reload after 15
To schedule a reload in 3 hours:
ProCurve# reload after 03:00
To schedule a reload for the same time the following day:
ProCurve# reload after 01:00:00
To schedule a reload for the same day at 12:05:
ProCurve# reload at 12:05
To schedule a reload on some future date:
ProCurve# reload at 12:05 01/01/2007
Operating Notes
Default Boot Source. The switch reboots from primary flash by default unless you specify the
secondary flash.
Boot Attempts from an Empty Flash Location. In this case, the switch aborts the attempt and
Image does not exist
Operation aborted.
Interaction of Primary and Secondary Flash Images with the Current Configuration. The switch has
one startup-config file, which it always uses for reboots, regardless of whether the reboot is from
primary or secondary flash. Also, for rebooting purposes, it is not necessary for the software image
and the startup-config file to support identical software features. For example, suppose you have just
downloaded a software upgrade that includes new features that are not supported in the software
you used to create the current startup-config file. In this case, the software simply assigns factory-
default values to the parameters controlling the new features. Similarly, if you create a startup-config
file while using a version "Y" of the switch software, and then reboot the switch with an earlier
software version "X" that does not include all of the features found in "Y", the software simply ignores
the parameters for any features that it does not support.


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