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Recover Button; Star Button - Dish Network 118523 User Manual

Dish networks receiver user guide.
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Chapter 3
Using the System
Page 56

Star Button

Press the STAR button to:
Open the
DVR Events
Backspace without deleting while using the
Zero Button
Press the ZERO button to forward space while using the search function of your
Pound Button
Press the POUND button to display the

Recover Button

Press the RECOVER button if you accidentally change the channel or video
input on your TV and cannot get the picture back from your satellite receiver.
When you press the RECOVER button as described below, the remote control
sends commands to your TV to change channels or video inputs to try to get you
back to watching satellite programming. This procedure works only if you have
accidentally changed the TV channel or video input. It does not recover lost
satellite signal (See Chapter 5 - Reference for troubleshooting information).
The following setup is required to use the RECOVER button:
The remote control must be set up to control the TV and, if installed, the
VCR (see page 106).
If a VCR is installed, make sure it is connected as shown on page 41.
On a remote TV, the RECOVER button must be programmed to tune your
remote TV to the specific channel to receive TV2 programming (for
example, channel 60), using the instructions on page 25.
To use the RECOVER button, complete the following instructions:
1. Press and hold the RECOVER button until all four mode buttons light, and
then let go of the button. The SAT mode button flashes twice and then all
four mode buttons flash three times.
2. Press the RECOVER button. Wait for the TV or VCR mode button to flash
once and then all four mode buttons to flash once.
function of your.



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