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Troubleshooting - Electrolux LKR540200W User Manual


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The back lamp
1. Turn the lamp glass cover to remove


Refer to Safety chapters.
14.1 What to do if...
You cannot activate the
You cannot activate or op‐
erate the hob.
Residual heat indicator
does not come on.
You cannot activate the
outer ring.
The oven does not heat
The lamp does not oper‐
Steam and condensation
settle on the food and in
the cavity of the oven.
It takes too long to cook
the dishes or they cook too
2. Clean the glass cover.
3. Replace the lamp with a suitable
300 °C heat-resistant lamp.
4. Install the glass cover.
Possible cause
The appliance is not con‐
nected to an electrical sup‐
ply or it is connected incor‐
The fuse is blown.
The fuse is blown.
The zone is not hot be‐
cause it operated only for a
short time.
The oven is deactivated.
The necessary settings are
not set.
The clock is not set.
The lamp is defective.
You left the dish in the
oven for too long.
The temperature is too low
or too high.
Check if the appliance is
correctly connected to the
electrical supply.
Make sure that the fuse is
the cause of the malfunc‐
tion. If the fuse is blown
again and again, contact a
qualified electrician.
Activate the hob again and
set the heat setting in less
than 10 seconds.
If the zone operated suffi‐
ciently long to be hot,
speak to an Authorised
Service Centre.
Activate the inner ring first.
Activate the oven.
Make sure that the settings
are correct.
Set the clock.
Replace the lamp.
Do not leave the dishes in
the oven for longer than 15
- 20 minutes after the
cooking process ends.
Adjust the temperature if
necessary. Follow the ad‐
vice in the user manual.


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