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Electrolux LKR540200W User Manual page 28


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Use metal cookware to improve energy
When possible, do not preheat the oven
before cooking.
Keep breaks between baking as short as
possible when you prepare a few dishes
at one time.
Cooking with fan
When possible, use the cooking
functions with fan to save energy.
Residual heat
When the cooking duration is longer than
30 min, reduce the oven temperature to
minimum 3 - 10 min before the end of
Recycle materials with the symbol
Put the packaging in relevant containers
to recycle it. Help protect the
environment and human health by
recycling waste of electrical and
electronic appliances. Do not dispose of
cooking. The residual heat inside the
oven will continue to cook.
Use the residual heat to warm up other
Keep food warm
Choose the lowest possible temperature
setting to use residual heat and keep a
meal warm.
Moist Baking
Function designed to save energy during
cooking. For additional details refer to
"Oven - Daily use" chapter, Oven
appliances marked with the symbol
with the household waste. Return the
product to your local recycling facility or
contact your municipal office.

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