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EN 60350-2 - Household electric cooking
appliances - Part 2: Hobs - Methods for
measuring performance.
15.2 Hob - Energy saving
You can save energy during everyday
cooking if you follow below hints.
• When you heat up water, use only the
amount you need.
• If it is possible, always put the lids on
the cookware.
15.3 Product information for ovens and Product Information Sheet*
Supplier's name
Model identification
Energy Efficiency Index
Energy efficiency class
Energy consumption with a standard load, con‐
ventional mode
Energy consumption with a standard load, fan-
forced mode
Number of cavities
Heat source
Type of oven
* For European Union according to EU Regulations 65/2014 and 66/2014.
For Republic of Belarus according to STB 2478-2017, Appendix G; STB 2477-2017,
Annexes A and B.
For Ukraine according to 568/32020.
Energy efficiency class is not applicable for Russia.
EN 60350-1 - Household electric cooking appliances - Part 1: Ranges, ovens, steam
ovens and grills - Methods for measuring performance.
15.4 Oven - Energy saving
The oven has features which
help you save energy during
everyday cooking.
• Before you activate the cooking zone
put the cookware on it.
• The cookware bottom should have the
same diameter as the cooking zone.
• Put the smaller cookware on the
smaller cooking zones.
• Put the cookware directly in the centre
of the cooking zone.
• Use the residual heat to keep the food
warm or to melt it.
LKR540200W 943005315
LKR540200X 943005310
0.84 kWh/cycle
0.75 kWh/cycle
57 l
Oven inside Freestanding Cook‐
Make sure that the oven door is closed
when the oven operates. Do not open
the oven door too often during cooking.
Keep the door gasket clean and make
sure it is well fixed in its position.
42.0 kg
42.0 kg

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