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Hob - Hints And Tips - Electrolux LKR540200W User Manual


Table of Contents
1 - 9
Use the residual heat to
decrease energy
consumption. Deactivate the
cooking zone approximately
5 - 10 minutes before the
cooking process is
Turn the knob for the selected cooking
zone to a necessary heat setting.
The hob control indicator comes on.
To complete the cooking process, turn
the knob to the off position.
If all cooking zones are deactivated, the
hob control indicator goes out.
6.3 Using the simple cooking
To use a simple cooking zone, turn the
appropriate knob to one of the following
positions: 1-9.
For heat settings 1-3, the
zone remains red for about
2-3 seconds and then
The zone operates at its
maximum power level once
you set the heat level to 8 or
6.4 Activating and deactivating
the outer rings (double or oval)
You can adjust the surface you cook to
the dimension of the cookware.


Refer to Safety chapters.
7.1 Cookware
The cooking results depend on the
cookware material
• recommended: aluminium, copper
Heat settings
1. If you choose a heat level between
1-9, only the central part of the
cooking zone operates.
2. To activate the outer ring, turn the
knob clockwise exceeding setting 9
3. Then turn the knob counterclockwise
to the desired heat setting (1-9). Both
the central part and the outer ring
operate together.
To deactivate the outer ring turn the knob
to the off position. Both the central part
and the outer or oval ring deactivate. The
indicator goes out. To restart the central
part of the cooking zone choose a heat
level between 1-9.
6.5 Residual heat indicator
As long as the indicator is
on, there is a risk of burns
from residual heat.
The indicator appears when a cooking
zone is hot, but it does not function if
mains power is disconnected.
The indicator may also appear:
• for the neighbouring cooking zones
even if you are not using them,
• when hot cookware is placed on cold
cooking zone,
• when the hob is deactivated but the
cooking zone is still hot.
The indicator disappears when the
cooking zone has cooled down.
• not recommended: stainless steel,
cast iron, glass

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