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Setting Enabled Runtime Profiles - LG MultiSITE VM3 Startup Manual

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Setting enabled runtime profiles

Enabled runtime profiles specify what types of N4 software module JAR are to be installed, as shown in the following figure. This affects the
total file space consumed by the installed module JAR files.
Figure 11: Commissioning Wizard.
All Niagara 4 platforms require the base "RUNTIME" (-rt) module JARs, so it is pre-selected/read-only.
For QNX-based MultiSITE VM3 platforms (which run the "Java 8 compact 3" VM), you can also select "UX" (-ux) and "WB" (-wb) module
JARs, but not "SE" (-se) module JARs. Note that following commissioning, you can also change the enabled runtime profiles, working from
the Platform Administration view.
At the Enabled Runtime Profiles screen, perform the following steps:
1. Click all module profile types to be installed in this MultiSITE VM3 controller, which include one or more of these:
• RUNTIME: Always selected. Note if UX (or UX and WB) is not selected, the MultiSITE VM3 will not support client Web browser access from
its WebService—only client access from MultiSITE Supervisor via Fox.
• UX: Select to support Web client browser access, using HTML5, Javascript, and CSS technologies only (client does not need to run Java
and download WbApplet from MultiSITE VM3).
• WB: Select (in addition to UX) if the MultiSITE VM3 must also support browser "Web MultiSITE Supervisor" access from Java-enabled
clients, using the WbApplet.
• SE: Not available for QNX-based MultiSITE VM3 controllers.
• DOC: Selectable, but not recommended for file space reasons on a MultiSITE VM3 controller.
For N4.1, the selection of UX automatically includes WB, and vice-versa.
2. Click the Next button for the next step.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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