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Preparation For Commissioning; Providing Power And Connectivity; Software Version And Host Platform Requirements - LG MultiSITE VM3 Startup Manual

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Before proceeding with commissioning, make sure you meet the requirements for power and connectivity as well as software and PC require-

Providing power and connectivity

In most cases, you perform the initial Niagara 4 software installation and startup of a MultiSITE VM3 controller in your office, before physi-
cally mounting it in place at a job site. Refer to the MultiSITE VM3 Installation Guide for mounting, wiring, and installation instructions.
This document assumes that you have the MultiSITE VM3 nearby, and are able to power it on and off as needed. After you complete the
commissioning process described in this document, you can mount and wire the MultiSITE VM3 controller at the job site. Refer to the Mul-
tiSITE VM3 Installation Manual for installation and mounting instructions, and also for environmental requirements for the operation of the
MultiSITE VM3 controller.
The MultiSITE VM3 controller is not compatible with a Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) network. Connecting the controller on a network segment
which carries power causes the unit to fail (lockup). In that event, you must disconnect it from the POE network segment and cycle power to
the unit.

Software version and host platform requirements

These instructions assume that you have a PC running a licensed copy of Niagara 4.1 MultiSITE Supervisor or later, installed with the "instal-
lation tool" option. That option copies distribution files needed for commissioning various models of MultiSITE VM3 controllers. This PC is
referred to as "your PC."
Your PC must meet minimum hardware/operating system requirements for a MultiSITE Supervisor workstation. This includes a working
Ethernet adapter with TCP/IP support (browser capable). An Ethernet TCP/IP connection to the MultiSITE VM3 is required to install Niagara
software and establish other parameters.
For this initial Ethernet connection, you can use either of the following:
• An Ethernet patch cable connected directly between your PC and the MultiSITE VM3 (if your PC Ethernet port is not "auto-sensing", you
will need an Ethernet crossover cable),
• A normal LAN connection, meaning that both your PC and the MultiSITE VM3 are physically connected to the same Ethernet hub or


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