Safety; To Grind Coffee Beans; Know Your Kenwood Espresso Machine; Before Making Coffee For The First Time - Kenwood CremiSsimo ES621 Manual

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Never remove the filter holder while the COFFEE button is on or while coffee is
brewing - steam could shoot out and burn you.
Don't get burnt by:
hot parts, especially the maxi-cappucino nozzle
steam or hot water coming out of the maxi-cappucino nozzle or liquid
coffee outlet.
Keep children away from the machine. And never let the cord hang down
where a child could grab it.
Never use a damaged machine. Get it checked or repaired: see 'service'.
Never put the machine in water or let the cord or plug get wet - you could get
an electric shock.
before filling with water
before cleaning
after use.
Never leave the machine on unattended.
Don't let the cord touch hot parts.
Don't let infirm people use the machine without supervision.
Don't let children play with this machine.
Never use without water - the pump will burn out.
Keep the machine above 0°C - otherwise any water in the machine will freeze
and cause damage.
Only put beans into the grinder - never ground coffee. And never adjust the
coffee grinder while it's on.
Only use the machine for its intended domestic use.
Never use without the drip trays and cup stand.
before plugging in
Make sure your electricity supply is the same as the one shown on the
underside of your machine.
Important (UK only)
The wires in the cord are coloured as follows:
Green and yellow = Earth, Blue = Neutral, Brown = Live.
Your machine complies with European Economic Community Directive
before using for the first time
1 Remove all packaging.
2 Cut the tie off the cord.
3 Wash the parts: see 'cleaning'.
4 Flush the machine through: see 'before making coffee for the first time'.

know your Kenwood espresso machine

lock button
adjustable coffee grinder
cup warming shelf
tank lid
flow control block
water filter cartridge
hot water/steam knob
maxi-cappucino nozzle (hot water/steam nozzle)
measuring spoon
cup stand
drip trays
filter holder
liquid coffee outlet
measured ground coffee outlet
standard ground coffee outlet


to grind coffee beans

1 Put all buttons in the 'up' (off) position.
2 Select a finished grain size before adding the beans: hold down the lock button
and turn the adjustable coffee grinder
setting 4. Don't worry if the lock button doesn't pop up fully when you release
it. Never turn the grinder if it contains beans.
3 Pour in the beans (up to 230g). Only add enough beans for immediate use as
the unit is not removable and beans left in the chamber can go stale within a
few days. Fit the lid.
4 Make sure the thermocream
(You'll need this to catch the coffee grains.)
5 Fit:
the standard ground coffee outlet, or
the measured ground coffee outlet (each click releases a measured amount of
To fit: push
. To remove: pull.
using the standard ground coffee outlet
Switch ON-OFF on. (The ON-OFF and COFFEE lights will come on.) The
grinder shouldn't start yet; if it does, switch off and re-fit the outlet.
Push the filter holder towards the back of the outlet
coffee, switch ON-OFF off.
using the measured ground coffee outlet
Switch ON-OFF and GRINDER on.
When enough coffee has been ground, switch GRINDER and ON-OFF off.
Slide the filter holder over the arms of the outlet
Pull the outlet lever
You can use the coffee grinder as a stand alone feature, in which case we
would recommend the following settings.
setting number
Oils from fresh beans can clog your grinder if left for prolonged periods. To
avoid this you should occasionally run the grinder for a few seconds without
any beans in the chamber.

before making coffee for the first time

1 Put all buttons in the 'up' (off) position.
2 Pull out the tank.
3 In the tank, use either the flow control block (already fitted) or the water filter
cartridge (in the sealed plastic bag). It's best to use the filter cartridge - it
produces better coffee and prevents limescale. To fit it, remove the tank lid.
Change the water filter cartridge every 200-250 uses or every year.
4 Pour cold water into the tank up to MAX. Refit the tank.
5 Close the hot water/steam knob (don't overtighten)
6 Swing out the maxi-cappucino nozzle and put a jug underneath.
7 Put a bowl under the liquid coffee outlet. (Don't fit the filter holder.)
8 Switch ON-OFF on. (The ON-OFF and COFFEE lights will come on.)
9 Switch COFFEE on for 30 seconds or till one cup of water runs into the bowl.
(Allow a few seconds for the water to appear.)
10 Open the hot water/steam knob
The water may be discoloured - this is harmless.
11 Switch COFFEE off (the COFFEE light will stay on). Close the hot water/steam
. Switch ON-OFF off.
Repeat these steps if you haven't made coffee for a few days.
. For espresso coffee we recommend
disc is in the filter holder. Then insert the filter
. When you've enough
: each click releases the right amount for one cup of
recommended use
drip filter
stove top espresso
till one cup of water runs into the jug.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents