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Kenwood CM020 series Instructions
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Kenwood Coffee Experience
Here at Kenwood we share your appreciation for coffee and that's why we have
ensured that this filter machine will enrich your experience for enjoying filtered
coffee. Unfortunately not all coffee machines are able to brew coffee the ways it's
meant to be. In fact it's a fine art to deliver the perfect cup; a combination of
using the right ingredients and the right equipment.
Filter coffee should be brewed at 92-96°C, served at +80°C taking no longer
than 6 minutes to brew a full carafe. We have carefully calibrated our machines
to do precisely this so you can guarantee you have the right equipment to deliver
a perfectly balanced brew.
Filter coffee is one of the many ways to enjoy coffee, below are some
recommendations to perfect the ultimate filter coffee experience to serve you,
family and friends.
The Water ~ Your coffee is around 98-99% water so it's important to ensure you
use fresh filtered water. We recommend using a water filter as it will reduce
limescale and prolong the use of your coffee maker.
The Coffee ~ This machine will optimise the flavour of medium ground coffee, to
deliver full body, aroma and taste. Be sure before you buy that the coffee is
suitable for a filter machine. Or if you grind your own beans set the grinder to
medium coarseness. If the particles are too small, water will pass through the
filter too slowly resulting in 'over-extraction'; your coffee will taste bitter. If
particles are too large, water will pass through too quickly resulting in 'under-
extraction'; your coffee will taste weak and watery.
The Measurements ~ To brew a perfectly balanced cup we recommend to use
7 grams or 1Tbsp of ground coffee per cup. Use the measuring spoon provided
to do this accurately. Coffee will taste better when fresh so we recommend
drinking within 30 minutes of brewing, any longer and taste begins to deteriorate.
The Maintenance – Use paper filters or a permanent filter either type is suitable
to produce great coffee. We recommend that you rinse your permanent filter with
water after every use as any residual detergent could taint your coffee. Dispose
of the used grounds immediately after use to prevent drip through of unwanted
flavours trapped in the used coffee grounds. Try to keep your coffee machine
clean, especially the shower head as this will help to prolong your machine and
maintain perfect brewing.
We hope you will enjoy coffee brewed from Kenwood.
before using your Kenwood
This appliance is not intended for
use by persons (including children)
Read these instructions carefully
with reduced physical, sensory or
and retain for future reference.
mental capabilities, or lack of
Remove all packaging and any
experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Watch out for steam, never
Children should be supervised to
lift the tank lid during the
ensure that they do not play with
brewing cycle.
the appliance.
Never touch the hotplate or
Only use the appliance for its
surrounding area.
intended domestic use. Kenwood
Always lift the lid using the
will not accept any liability if the
handle at the front
appliance is subject to improper
Do not touch hot parts including
use, or failure to comply with these
the cup warming tray
Never let the cord hang down
before plugging in
where a child could grab it.
Make sure your electricity supply is
Never use a damaged appliance.
the same as the one shown on the
Get it checked or repaired: see
underside of your appliance.
'service and customer care'.
Important (UK) only
Never put the appliance in water or
let the cord or plug get wet - you
The wires in the cord are coloured
as follows:
could get an electric shock.
Green and Yellow = Earth
● ●
before filling with water
Blue = Neutral
Brown = Live.
● ●
before cleaning
● ●
after use.
The appliance must be protected
Never leave the appliance on
by a 13A approved (BS1362) fuse.
Do not let the cord touch hot
Always make sure there is water in
For non-rewireable plugs the fuse
the tank before switching on.
cover MUST be refitted when
This coffee maker is only suitable
replacing the fuse. If the fuse cover
for use with the type of carafe
is lost then the plug must not be
used until a replacement can be
Do not leave the appliance
obtained. The correct fuse cover is
switched on with an empty carafe
identified by colour and a
on the hotplate.
replacement may be obtained from
Never put the carafe in the
your Kenwood Authorised Repairer
(see Service).
If a non-rewireable plug is cut off it
IMMEDIATELY. An electric shock
hazard may arise if an unwanted
non-rewireable plug is inadvertently
inserted into a 13A socket outlet.



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  • Page 1 Kenwood This appliance is not intended for appliance use by persons (including children) Here at Kenwood we share your appreciation for coffee and that’s why we have ● Read these instructions carefully with reduced physical, sensory or ensured that this filter machine will enrich your experience for enjoying filtered and retain for future reference.
  • Page 2: Service And Customer Care

    4 Fit either the permanent filter supplied or a paper filter into the filter holder. Add the coffee using the spoon supplied (approximately Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK 1 level spoon (7g) per cup to 19118/1...