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Kenwood CremiSsimo ES621 Manual page 7


Before cleaning, unplug and let everything cool.
Empty and dry the tank after use.
maxi-cappucino nozzle
1 Pull off the rubber nozzle and wash after every use - otherwise the milk will dry
2 Wipe the metal pipe with a damp cloth and clear the hole with a needle.
Remove and wash. Unblock the holes with a small brush. Then dry.
1 Pop it out: turn the filter holder over and tap it on a hard surface. Wash.
2 Periodically remove the seal and separate the two black discs ¹. Wash under
the tap. Use a pin to clear the holes in the sides and top of the nut
the centre hole on the other side
cup stand, drip trays, filter holder
Wash, then dry.
ground coffee outlets
Standard ground coffee outlet: wash, then dry.
Measured ground coffee outlet: remove the lid and shake out. Don't put in
liquid coffee outlet
Remove built-up coffee grains with a toothpick
Periodically unblock the holes. Here's how:
1 Unscrew the nut with a size 14 spanner
2 Clear the holes with a toothpick or pin. Or soak for a few hours in one
tablespoon of vinegar mixed with two tablespoons of cooking salt.
service and customer care
If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be replaced by Kenwood or
an authorised Kenwood repairer.
If you need help with:
using your machine or
servicing, spare parts or repairs (in or out of guarantee)
call Kenwood on 023 92392333 and ask for Customer Care. Have your
model number ready - it's on the underside of your machine. Alternatively,
contact your authorised Kenwood repairer: look in YELLOW PAGES under
'Electrical appliance repairs'.
See our advertisement in Golden Pages.
. Clear
other countries
Contact the shop where you bought your machine.
guarantee (UK only)
If your espresso machine goes wrong within one year from the date you
bought it, we will repair it (or replace it if necessary) free of charge provided:
you have not misused, neglected or damaged it;
it has not been modified (unless by Kenwood);
it is not second-hand;
it has not been used commercially;
you have not fitted a plug incorrectly; and
you supply your receipt to show when you bought it.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

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