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Safety; Safety Definitions; General Safety Instructions; Symbols On The Product - Husqvarna DM 200 Workshop Manual

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2.1 Safety definitions

Warnings, cautions and notes are used to point out
specially important parts of the manual.
WARNING: Used if there is a risk of injury or
death for the operator or bystanders if the
instructions in the manual are not obeyed.
CAUTION: Used if there is a risk of damage to
the product, other materials or the adjacent area
if the instructions in the manual are not obeyed.
Note: Used to give more information that is necessary in
a given situation.

2.2 General safety instructions

You must not repair the product unless you have
read and understood this workshop manual.
The service center where the product is repaired
must have safety equipment approved by local
The product is examined and approved only with the
equipment given or recommended by the
Service personnel must make sure that the service
and repairs in this manual are done following legal
requirements. This in order to avoid health and
safety risks of the personnel doing the work.
When possible, disconnect the power cable and
make sure it cannot be connected until the service is
If you keep the product running during service, do
not touch the wires. Electrical shock can cause
Follow the local waste regulations.
Always make sure all nuts and bolts are correctly
Do not lift the machine by holding the cable and do
not pull the plug by pulling the cable.
Check that the cables are not damaged and in good
Do not use the product if a cable is damaged.
Use protective gloves and eye protection. Goggles
must follow the ANSI Z87.1 for US or EN166 for EU
When using compressed air, do not point it to your
body. Air can go in to the blood stream.
Wear ear protection when test running.
The product can make sparks and cause ignition of
flammable materials.
If a warning symbol decal on the product is
damaged or missing, replace the warning symbol

4 - Safety

2 Safety

2.3 Symbols on the product

WARNING! This product can be
dangerous and cause serious injury or
death to the operator or others. Be careful
and use the product correctly.
Read the operator's manual carefully and
make sure that you understand the
instructions before you use this product.
Always use approved personal protective
This product complies with applicable EC
directives. (EU only).
Environmental mark. The product or
package of the product is not domestic
waste. Recycle it at an approved disposal
location for electrical and electronic
Note: Other symbols/decals on the product refer to
special certification requirements for some markets.
Make sure that water can-
not leak into the product
when you drill in the ceil-
ing. Use an applicable wa-
ter collector.
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