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Lenovo ThinkPad P15v Gen 1 User Manual page 37

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Your computer has two M.2-solid-state-drive slots. When you configure the M.2-solid-state-drive slot in the
UEFI BIOS menu, ensure that you select the correct menu item. If your computer is installed with only one
M.2 solid-state drive, ensure that the M.2 solid-state drive is installed into slot
• Slot
: NVMe1
• Slot
: NVMe0
Replacement procedure
1. Disable the built-in battery. See "Disable the built-in battery" on page 25.
2. Turn off the computer and disconnect the computer from ac power and all connected cables. Then,
close the computer display.
3. Remove the nano-SIM-card tray if your computer comes with one.
4. Turn over the computer.
5. Remove the base cover assembly. See "Base cover assembly" on page 26.
6. Remove the M.2 solid-state drive:
a. Remove the screw that secures the M.2 solid-state drive
b. Carefully remove the drive out of the slot
and then the drive pivots upward.
Chapter 6
CRU replacement


Table of Contents

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