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Connect To A Bluetooth-Enabled Device; Enabling Nvidia Proprietary Drivers In Fedora (For Selected Models); Accessories - Lenovo ThinkPad P15v Gen 1 User Manual

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Note: The actual charging speed using the Lenovo-unique P-to-P 2.0 charging function varies depending on
many factors, such as the remaining battery power of the computers, the wattage of the ac power adapter,
and whether you are using the computers.

Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device

You can connect all types of Bluetooth-enabled devices to your computer, such as a keyboard, a mouse, a
smartphone, or speakers. To ensure the connection is successful, place the devices 10 meters (33 feet), at
most, from the computer.
1. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer.
• Click the system menu drop down (top right) and choose Settings.
• Choose the Bluetooth menu and enable Bluetooth with the toggle button at the top.
2. Any discoverable devices will be shown in the Devices list.
3. Select a Bluetooth device, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
Your Bluetooth-enabled device and computer will automatically connect the next time if the two devices are
in range of each other with Bluetooth turned on. You can use Bluetooth for data transfer or remote control
and communication.

Enabling Nvidia proprietary drivers in Fedora (for selected models)

The Nvidia proprietary drivers that will enable you to take advantage of performance benefits and new
graphics functionality are not installed by default with Fedora.
To enable the proprietary drivers:
1. Launch the Software utility.
2. Enable third party repositories.
3. From the top right selection box choose Software Repositories.
4. Enable RPM Fusion for Fedora 32 ➙ Nonfree ➙ Nvidia Driver and close the Software Repositories
5. Select Add-ons on the bottom right and choose the Hardware Drivers tab.
6. Select NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver.
7. Select Install and wait for the installation to complete. This can take a few minutes.
8. Reboot and confirm Nvidia drivers are running using the nvidia-settings utility.


This chapter provides instructions on how to use hardware accessories to expand your computer
ThinkPad P15v Gen 1 and T15p Gen 1 User Guide


Table of Contents

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