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Use Privacy Protection (For Selected Models); Use Passwords; Password Types - Lenovo ThinkPad P15v Gen 1 User Manual

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Log in with your fingerprint
Maintain the fingerprint reader
To ensure that the fingerprint reader works correctly, do not:
• Scratch the surface of the reader with anything hard.
• Use or touch the reader with a wet, dirty, wrinkled, or injured finger.

Use privacy protection (for selected models)

Depending on the model, your computer might support the PrivacyGuard feature which keeps you secure
without compromising your viewing experience.
Use the PrivacyGuard feature
When the feature is enabled, it darkens screen and reduces visibility from side angles to protect screen
content against visual hacking. By default, the PrivacyGuard feature is disabled. You can press Fn+D to
enable it.
The privacy level of this feature varies depending on the screen brightness level, the contrast ratio, and the
physical environment where you are using this feature.
• Press
to increase the privacy level.
• Press
to decrease the privacy level.

Use passwords

This section introduces types of passwords in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS (Basic
Input/Output System) and how to set, change, and remove a password.

Password types

You can set a power-on password, supervisor password, system management password, or hard disk
password in UEFI BIOS to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. However, you are not prompted to
enter any UEFI BIOS password when your computer resumes from sleep mode.
Power-on password
If you set a power-on password, a window is displayed on the screen when you turn on the computer. Enter
the correct password to use the computer.
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