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Chapter 4. Secure Your Computer And Information; Lock The Computer; Use The Fingerprint Reader (For Selected Models) - Lenovo ThinkPad P15v Gen 1 User Manual

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Chapter 4. Secure your computer and information

Lock the computer

Lock your computer to a desk, table, or other fixtures through a compatible security cable lock.
Note: You are responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing the locking device and security
feature. Lenovo makes no comments, judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance
of the locking device and security feature. Cable locks for your product are available from Lenovo at

Use the fingerprint reader (for selected models)

If your computer comes with a fingerprint reader, you can use it to enroll your fingerprints. After enrollment,
you can tap your finger on the fingerprint reader to log in to the system.
Enroll your fingerprints
Open the system menu and then click Settings ➙ Users ➙ Fingerprint Login. Then, follow the on-screen
instructions to finish the enrollment.
During the enrollment, the fingerprints are associated with the user password automatically. It is
recommended that you enroll more than one fingerprint in case of any injuries to your fingers.
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