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Setting Up And Connecting; Operation - Silvercrest SDK 2500 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Dual hotplate


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Never leave the appliance unattended while it is being
When the appliance is in use ensure that there are no
easily infl ammable materials close to it (e.g. dishcloths,
oven cloths etc.).
If you do not intend to use the appliance for an extended
period, you must disconnect it from the power source.
The appliance is only completely without current when
the power plug has been pulled out of the socket.

Setting up and connecting


The relevant indicator lamp 5/6 for the cooking plate 1/2 you have switched on
1) Place the appliance on a stable, level and heat-resistant surface.
2) Insert the plug into a mains power socket.
3) Switch the appliance on by switching the On/Off switch 3 to the position "I".
4) Switch both cooking plates 1/2 to MAX and allow these to heat up for around
3 minutes without a saucepan.
This can cause slight smoke development since the protective coating which has
been applied will burn in. Ensure there is suffi cient ventilation. For example, open
a window.
Use cooking utensils with fl at, even bases for better thermal transfer.
If possible, use cooking utensils which match the cooking plate sizes.
1) Place the fi lled saucepan on the required cooking plate 1/2.
2) Switch the appliance on by sliding the On/Off switch 3 to the position "I".
3) Turn the relevant thermostat 4/7 to the required setting:
0 - 4:
slow cooking
4 - MAX: fast cooking
SDK 2500 A1


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