Disposal Of Packaging; Appliance Description; Technical Details - Silvercrest SDK 2500 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Dual hotplate
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Available languages

Available languages

Check the delivery for completeness and for signs of visible damage.
If the delivery is not complete or has been damaged due to defective packag-
ing or transportation, contact the Service Hotline (see section Warranty and

Disposal of packaging

The packaging protects the appliance from transport damage. The packaging materials
have been selected in accordance with their environmental friendliness and disposal
attributes, and are therefore recyclable.
Returning the packaging to the material cycle conserves raw materials and reduces
the amount of waste that is generated. Dispose of packaging material that is no longer
needed in accordance with applicable local regulations.
If possible, keep the appliance's original packaging during the warranty period so that
the appliance can be packed properly for returning in the event of a warranty claim.

Appliance description

1 Large cooking plate
2 Small cooking plate
3 On/Off switch
4 Thermostat small cooking plate
5 Indicator lamp small cooking plate
6 Indicator lamp large cooking plate
7 Thermostat large cooking plate

Technical details

Power consumption
Power consumption large cooking plate
Power consumption small cooking plate
SDK 2500 A1
230 V ∼, 50 Hz
2500 W
1500 W
1000 W


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