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Introduction And Safety Regulations; General; Revisions; Target Group - Husqvarna LC 141VLi Workshop Manual

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Introduction and safety regulations

1 Introduction and safety regulations

1.1 General

This workshop manual gives a full description of how to
do troubleshooting, repair and test of the lawn mower. It
also gives safety instructions that the personnel must
obey during repair work.

1.2 Revisions

If there are changes to the product, these are gradually
introduced into ongoing production. These changes can
have an effect on servicing and/or spare parts. This can
cause sections of the workshop manual to become out of
date. Servicing information is sent out for each change.
To make sure that the repair and servicing instructions
are complete and up to date, always read the workshop
manual together with all servicing information applicable
for the lawn mower.

1.3 Target group

This workshop manual is written for personnel with a
general knowledge of how to repair and do servicing on
lawn mowers.
All personnel that repair or do servicing on the lawn
mower must read and understand the workshop manual.

1.4 Safety instructions

WARNING: All personnel that repair or do
servicing on the lawn mower must read and
understand the safety instructions.
Warning symbols can be found in this workshop manual
and on the lawn mower. Refer to "1.5 Symbols on the
4 – English

1.4.1 General safety instructions

The service center that repairs the lawn mower must
have safety devices that comply with local regulations.
Warnings and cautions are used to point out specially
important parts of the workshop manual.
WARNING: Used if there is a risk of injury
or death if the instructions are not followed.
CAUTION: Used if there is a risk of material
damage if the instructions are not followed.

1.4.2 Special safety instructions

When you use compressed air, do not point the air jet in
the direction of your body. Air can go into the blood
circulation and kill you.
Use eye protection when you do work on springs that
have tension.
Use only a Husqvarna Battery Series type of battery with
this product. The Husqvarna battery BLi200 is
recommended. Obey the safety instructions that are
given for the battery and battery charger.
Do not use accessories and/or do changes
that are not approved by the manufacturer.
This can cause injury or death to the
operator or other persons.
WARNING: Always use original spare parts
and accessories.
WARNING: Use approved hearing protec-
tion. Noise from the product can result in
permanent hearing loss.



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