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Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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6 Outdoor unit installation

Step 1: Select installation location
The outdoor unit should be installed in the location that meets the following
Place the outdoor unit as close to the indoor unit as possible.
Ensure that there is enough room for installation and maintenance.
The air inlet and outlet must not be obstructed or exposed to strong wind.
Ensure the location of the unit will not be subject to snowdrifts,
accumulation of leaves or other seasonal debris. If possible, provide an
awning for the unit. Ensure the awning does not obstruct airflow.
The installation area must be dry and well ventilated.
There must be enough room to install the connecting pipes and cables and
to access them for maintenance.
The area must be free of combustible gases and chemicals.
The pipe length between the outdoor and indoor unit may not exceed the
maximum allowable pipe length.
If possible, DO NOT install the unit where it is exposed to direct sunlight.
If possible, make sure the unit is located far away from your neighbors'
property so that the noise from the unit will not disturb them.
If the location is exposed to strong winds (for example: near a seaside),
the unit must be placed against the wall to shelter it from the wind. If
necessary, use an awning. (See Fig.4 & 5)
Strong wind
Figure 4
Figure 5
Data subject to change
Step 2: Install outdoor unit.
Fix the outdoor unit with anchor bolts (M10).
Figure 6
Strong wind
Strong wind
Install the indoor and outdoor units, cables and wires at least 3 ft from
televisions or radios to prevent static or image distortion. Depending
on the radio waves, a 3 ft distance may not be enough to eliminate all
Be sure to remove any obstacles that may block air
Make sure to meet minimum spatial requirement (Figure
8 & 9) to ensure there is enough room for installation and
23.6 in (60 cm) or more
Fix with bolts
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents