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Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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13 Features and Operation

13.1 Protection of the Air Conditioner

Compressor protection
The compressor cannot restart for 3 minutes after it stops.
Anti-cold air
The unit is designed not to blow cold air on HEAT mode, when the indoor heat
exchanger is in one of the following three situations and the set temperature has
not been reached.
A) When heating has just started
B) During defrost cycle
C) Low temperature heating
The indoor or outdoor fan will stop running when defrosting.
Defrost Cycle
Frost may be generated on the outdoor unit during a heat cycle when outdoor
temperature is low and humidity is high resulting in lower heating effi ciency in the
air conditioner.
Under these conditions, the air conditioner will stop heating operations and start
defrosting automatically.
The time to defrost may vary from 4 to 10 minutes, depending the outdoor
temperature and the amount of frost buildup on the outdoor unit.
In case of power failure, the system will immediately stop. When power returns, the
Operation light on the indoor unit will fl ash. To restart the unit, press the ON/OFF
button on the remote control. The unit will restart with the same settings as before
it lost power.

13.2 Operation

White mist emerging from the indoor unit
A white mist may be generated due to a large temperature diff erence between air
inlet and air outlet on COOL mode in places with high relative humidity.
A white mist may be generated due to moisture created in the defrosting process
when the air conditioner restarts in HEAT mode operation after defrosting.
Noise coming from the air conditioner
You may hear a low hissing sound when the compressor is running or has just
stopped running. This sound is the sound of the refrigerant fl owing or coming to a
You may also hear a low "squeaking" sound when the compressor is running or has
just stopped running. This is caused by heat expansion and cold contraction of the
plastic parts in the unit when the temperature is changing.
A noise may be heard due to the louver restoring itself to its original position when
power is fi rst turned on.
Dust blowing out from the indoor unit.
This happens when the air conditioner has not been used for a long time or during
its fi rst use.
Data subject to change
The air conditioner turns to FAN ONLY mode from COOL or HEAT mode.
When the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature setting, the compressor
will stop automatically, and the air conditioner turns to FAN only mode. The
compressor will start again when the indoor temperature rises on COOL mode or
falls on HEAT mode to the set point. Droplets of water may form on the surface of
the indoor unit when cooling occurs in relatively high humidity (generally higher
than 80% relative humidity). Adjust the horizontal louver to the maximum air outlet
position and select HIGH fan speed.
Operation mode selection
While two or more indoor units are simultaneously operating, make sure the modes
do not confl ict with each other. The heat mode claims precedence over all other
modes. If the unit initially started to operate in HEAT mode, the other units can
operate in HEAT mode only. For example: If the unit initially started operates under
COOL (or FAN) mode, the other units can operate under any mode except HEAT. If
one of the unit selects HEAT mode, the other operating units will stop operation and
display "--" (for units with display window only) or the auto and operation indication
light will fl ash rapidly, the defrost indication light will turn off , and the timer
indication light will remain on (for units without a display window). Alternatively,
the defrost and alarm indication light (if applicable) will light up, or the operation
indication light will fl ash rapidly, and the timer indication light will turn off ( for the
fl oor and standing type).
Optimal operation
To achieve optimal performance, please note the following:
Adjust the direction of the air flow so that it is not blowing directly on
Adjust the temperature to achieve the highest possible level of comfort.
Do not adjust the unit to excessive temperature levels.
Close doors and windows in COOL mode or HEAT mode.
Use the TIMER ON button on the remote controller to select a time you
want to start your air conditioner.
Do not place any object near the air inlet or air outlet, as the efficiency
of the air conditioner may be reduced and the air conditioner may stop
Clean the air filter periodically, otherwise cooling or heating performance
may be reduced.
Do not operate unit with horizontal louver in closed position.
Installation Manual
05.2019 | Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents