Electrical And Gas Leak Checks; Electrical Safety Checks; Gas Leak Checks - Bosch Climate 5000 Series Installation Manual

Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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Installation Manual

10 Electrical and Gas Leak Checks

10.1 Electrical Safety Checks

After installation, confi rm that all electrical wiring is installed in accordance with
local and national codes / regulations, and according to the Installation Manual. All
testing must be performed by a licensed electrician.
Before test run
The insulated resistance must be more than 2MΩ.
After finishing grounding work, measure the grounding resistance by
visual detection and using the grounding resistance tester. Make sure the
grounding resistance is less than 4Ω.
Refer to local code requirements.
During test run
Check for electrical leakage
During the Test Run, use an electroprobe and multimeter to perform a
comprehensive electrical leakage test. If electrical leakage is detected,
turn off the unit immediately and call a licensed electrician to find and
resolve the cause of the leakage.
WARNING: Risk of electric shock
 All wiring must comply with local and national electrical
codes, and must be installed by a licensed electrician.
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10.2 Gas Leak Checks

There are two diff erent methods to check for gas leaks.
Soap and Water Method
Using a soft brush, apply soapy water or liquid detergent to all pipe connection
points on the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The presence of bubbles indicates a
Figure 25
Leak Detector Method
If using leak detector, refer to the device's operation manual for proper usage
After confi rming that all pipe connection points DO NOT leak, replace the valve
cover on the outside unit.
Indoor unit
check point
A, B,C,D are points for the one-four type.
A, B,C,D, and E are points for the one-five type.
Figure 26
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents