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Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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9.3 Adding Refrigerant

Refrigerant charging must be performed after wiring,
vacuuming, and the leak testing.
DO NOT exceed the maximum allowable quantity of
refrigerant or overcharge the system. Doing so can damage
the unit or impact its functionality.
Charging with unsuitable substances may cause explosions
or accidents. Ensure that the appropriate refrigerant is used.
Refrigerant containers must be opened slowly. Always use
protective gear when charging the system.
DO NOT mix refrigerants types.
Depending on the length of connective piping or the pressure of the evacuated
system, you made need to add refrigerant. Refer to table below for refrigerant
amounts to be added:
Additional refrigerant per pipe length
Connective Pipe
< Standard pipe length
> Standard pipe length
Table 11
Data subject to change
Air Purging
Vacuum Pump
Liquid Side: Ø 6.35 (ø 0.25")
Vacuum Pump
(Pipe length – standard length) x 15g/m
(Pipe length – standard length) x 0.16oZ/ft
Additional Refrigerant
Liquid Side: Ø 9.52 (ø 0.375")
(Pipe length – standard length) x 30g/m
(Pipe length – standard length) x 0.32oZ/ft
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents