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Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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7 Refrigerant Piping Connection

All field piping must be completed by a licensed technician
and must comply with the local and national regulations.
When the air conditioner is installed in a small room,
measures must be taken to prevent the refrigerant
concentration in the room from exceeding the safety limit in
the event of refrigerant leakage. If the refrigerant leaks and
its concentration exceeds its proper limit, hazards due to
lack of oxygen may result.
When installing the refrigeration system, ensure that air,
dust, moisture or foreign substances do not enter the
refrigerant circuit. Contamination in the system may cause
poor operating capacity, high pressure in the refrigeration
cycle, explosion or injury.
Ventilate the area immediately if there is refrigerant leakage
during the installation. Leaked refrigerant gas is both toxic
and flammable. Ensure there is no refrigerant leakage after
completing the installation work.
7.1 Connection Instructions – Refrigerant Piping
The branching pipe must be installed horizontally. An angle
of more than 10° may cause malfunction.
DO NOT install the connecting pipe until both indoor and
outdoor units have been installed.
Insulate both the gas and liquid piping to prevent water
Step 1: Cut pipes
When preparing refrigerant pipes, take extra care to cut and fl are them properly.
This will ensure effi cient operation and minimize the need for future maintenance.
Measure the distance between the indoor and outdoor units.
Using a pipe cutter, cut the pipe a little longer than the measured distance.
Make sure that the pipe is cut at a perfect 90° angle. Refer to Fig.12 for cut
Figure 12
Data subject to change
 Be extra careful not to damage, kink, or deform the pipe
while cutting. This will drastically reduce the heating
efficiency of the unit.
Step 2: Remove burrs
Burrs can aff ect the air-tight seal of refrigerant piping connection. They must be
completely removed.
Hold the pipe at a downward angle to prevent burrs from falling into the
Using a reamer or deburring tool, remove all burrs from the cut section of
the pipe.
Point down
Figure 13
Step 3: Flare pipe ends
Proper fl aring is essential to achieve an airtight seal.
After removing burrs from cut pipe, seal the ends with a piece of tape to
prevent foreign materials from entering the pipe.
Sheath the pipe with insulating material.
Place fl are nuts on both ends of pipe. Make sure they are facing in the
proper direction, because you can't put them on or change their direction
after fl aring. See Figure 14.
Flare nut
Copper pipe
Figure 14
Installation Manual
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents