Troubleshooting; Common Issues - Bosch Climate 5000 Series Installation Manual

Multi zone ductless air conditioner / heat pump
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Installation Manual

14 Troubleshooting

If ANY of the following conditions occurs, turn off unit
The power cord is damaged or abnormally warm
You smell a burning odor
The unit emits loud or abnormal sounds
A power fuse blows or the circuit breaker frequently
Water or other objects fall into or out of the unit

14.1 Common Issues

 Most of following problems are not a malfunction, but please
contact an Authorized Service Provider if the problem is
Unit does not turn on when pressing ON/OFF button
The unit changes from COOL/HEAT mode to FAN mode
The indoor unit emits white mist
Both the indoor and outdoor units emit white mist
The indoor unit makes noises
Both the indoor unit and outdoor unit make noises
The outdoor unit makes noises
Dust is emitted from either the indoor or outdoor unit
The unit emits a bad odor
The fan of the outdoor unit does not operate
Operation is erratic, unpredictable, or unit is unresponsive
Table 12
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Bosch Climate 5000 Series Multi Zone Ductless Air Conditioner / Heat Pump | 27
If a problem persists, contact a local dealer or your nearest customer
service center. Provide them with a detailed description of the unit
malfunction as well as your model number.
Possible Causes
The Unit has a 3-minute protection feature that prevents the unit from overloading. The unit cannot be restarted within three
minutes of being turned off .
The unit may change its setting to prevent frost from forming on the unit. Once the temperature increases, the unit will start
operating in the previously selected mode again.
The set temperature has been reached, at which point the unit turns off the compressor. The unit will continue operating
when the temperature fl uctuates again.
In humid regions, a large temperature diff erence between the room's air and the conditioned air can cause white mist.
When the unit restarts in HEAT mode after defrosting, white mist may be emitted due to moisture generated from the
defrosting process.
A rushing air sound may occur when the louver resets its position.
A squeaking sound may occur after running the unit in HEAT mode due to expansion & contraction of the unit's plastic parts.
Low hissing sound during operation: This is normal and is caused by refrigerant gas fl owing through both indoor and outdoor
Low hissing sound when the system starts, has just stopped running, or is defrosting: This noise is normal and is caused by
the refrigerant gas stopping or changing direction.
Squeaking sound: Normal expansion and contraction of plastic and metal parts caused by temperature changes during
operation can cause squeaking noises.
The unit will make diff erent sounds based on its current operating mode.
The unit may accumulate dust during extended periods of non-use, which will be emitted when the unit is turned on. This
can be mitigated by covering the unit during long periods of inactivity.
The unit may absorb odors from the environment (such as furniture, cooking, cigarettes, etc.) which will be emitted during
The unit's fi lters have become moldy and should be cleaned.
During operation, the fan speed is controlled to optimize product operation.
Interference from cell phone towers and remote boosters may cause the unit to malfunction. In this case, try the following:
Disconnect the power, then reconnect.
Press ON/OFF button on remote control to restart operation.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents