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Condensate Trap And Drain System (Qualified Servicer Only); Flame Sensor (Qualified Servicer Only); Flue Passages (Qualified Servicer Only); Before Leaving An Installation - Maytag Amana MES9 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Single-stage gas furnace, type fsp category iv direct or non direct vent air furnace
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Condensate Trap and Drain System (Qualified Ser-
vicer Only)
Annually inspect the drain tubes, drain trap, and field-supplied
drain line for proper condensate drainage. Check drain system
for hose connection tightness, blockage, and leaks. Clean or
repair as necessary.

Flame Sensor (Qualified Servicer Only)

Under some conditions, the fuel or air supply can create a nearly
invisible coating on the flame sensor. This coating acts as an
insulator causing a drop in the flame sense signal. If the flame
sense signal drops too low the furnace will not sense flame and
will lock out. The flame sensor should be carefully cleaned by
a qualified servicer using emery cloth or steel wool. Following
cleaning, the flame sense signal should be as indicated in the
Specifications Sheet.

Flue Passages (Qualified Servicer Only)

The heat exchanger flue passageways should be inspected at
the beginning of each heating season.

Before Leaving an Installation

Cycle the furnace with the thermostat at least three
times. Verify cooling and fan only operation.
Review the Owner's Manual with the homeowner and
discuss proper furnace operation and maintenance.
Leave literature packet near furnace.

Repair and Replacement Parts

When ordering any of the listed functional parts, be
sure to provide the furnace model, manufacturing,
and serial numbers with the order.
Although only functional parts are shown in the parts
list, all sheet metal parts, doors, etc. may be ordered
by description.
Parts are available from your distributor.
Functional Parts List-
Gas Valve
Blower Motor
Gas Manifold
Blower Wheel
Natural Gas Orifice
Blower Mounting Bracket
Propane Gas Orifice
Blower Cutoff
Blower Housing
Flame Sensor
Pressure Switch
Rollout Limit Switch
Door Switch
Primary Limit Switch
Auxiliary Limit Switch
Coil Front Cover
Integrated Control Module
Door Switch
Induced Draft Blower
Heat Exchanger with Recuperator Coil



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