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Electrical Connections; Wiring Harness; 115 Volt Line Connections - Maytag Amana MES9 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Single-stage gas furnace, type fsp category iv direct or non direct vent air furnace
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1. Remove the factory installed drain trap and hose
assemblies. Leave the 100° elbow inserted and
clamped in the vent-drain elbow.
2. Remove two 1"plugs from left side of cabinet
3. (Draining the Collector Box) Remove the cap from
the left side of the collector box drain port (bottom
in horizontal left position) and install it on right side
drain port.
Place radius end of hose #4 (factory installed) on
the collector box drain port and secure with a silver
5. Insert hose #2 from outside the cabinet in the front
drain hole.
6. Connect hose #4 & hose #2 together using a straight
barbed coupling and two gold clamps (factory
7. (Draining the Vent Elbow) Remove rubber plug from
vent – drain elbow side port.
8. The unused vent-drain elbow drip leg port must be
plugged to prevent flue gases from escaping. Insert
rubber plug removed in step 7 into the 100° elbow.
(Inserting a blunt tool such as a 3/16'' Allen wrench
into the center of the rubber plug will stretch the
plug and allow complete insertion)
Hose #4
9. Place radius end of hose #4 on the side port of vent
– drain elbow and secure with a gold clamp.
10. Insert a ½" diameter PVC pipe (factory installed)
into hose #4 and secure with a gold clamp.
Insert the non-grommet end of hose #5 (factory
installed) from outside the cabinet in the back drain
12. Insert 100º elbow in hose #5 and secure with a red
13. Locate hose #4 and cut a cut off a 4" straight section
and discard the radius end.
14. Connect the 4" straight section of hose #4 to the 100º
elbow and the PVC pipe and secure with red clamps.
15. Connect the hoses to the trap inlets and secure with
silver clamps, drain trap outlet must point to the
original bottom of the furnace.
Hose #4
Hose #5
Hose #2
Figure 29
16. Using the two sheet metal screws provided in the
cabinet, secure the trap to the furnace.
17. Refer to Field Supplied Drain section for instructions
on field supplied / installed drain on outlet of furnace

Electrical Connections

Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is an integral part of this furnace. Wires
are color coded for identification purposes. Refer to the wiring
diagram for wire routings. If any of the original wire as sup-
plied with the furnace must be replaced, it must be replaced
with wiring material having a temperature rating of at least
105° C. Any replacement wiring must be a copper conductor.

115 Volt Line Connections

Before proceeding with electrical connections, ensure that
the supply voltage, frequency, and phase correspond to that
specified on the unit rating plate. Power supply to the furnace
must be NEC Class 1, and must comply with all applicable
codes. The furnace must be electrically grounded in accor-
dance with local codes or, in their absence, with the latest
edition of The National Electric Code, ANSI NFPA 70 and/or
The Canadian Electric Code CSA C22.1.
Electronic Air Cleaner
Use a separate fused branch electrical circuit containing
properly sized wire, and fuse or circuit breaker. The fuse or
circuit breaker must be sized in accordance with the maximum
overcurrent protection specified on the unit rating plate. An
electrical disconnect must be provided at the furnace location.
Connect hot, neutral, and ground wires as shown in the wiring
diagram located on the unit's blower door. For direct vent
applications, the cabinet opening to the junction box must be
sealed air tight using either an UL approved bushing such as
Heyco Liquid Tight or by applying non-reactive UL approved
sealant to bushing.
Line polarity must be observed when making field con-
nections. Line voltage connections can be made through
either the right or left side panel. The furnace is shipped
configured for a left side (right side for counterflows)
electrical connection with the junction box located inside
the burner compartment. To make electrical connections
through the opposite side of the furnace, the junction box
must be relocated to the other side of the burner compart-
ment prior to making electrical connections. To relocate
the junction box, follow the steps shown in the Junction
Box Relocation section.
1.0 Amp maximum at 120 VAC
1.0 Amp maximum at 120 VAC



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