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Concentric Vent Termination; Side Wall Vent Kit; Condensate Drain Lines & Drain Trap; General Drain Information - Maytag Amana MES9 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Single-stage gas furnace, type fsp category iv direct or non direct vent air furnace
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Side Wall Vent Kit

Concentric Vent Termination

Refer to the directions provided with the Concentric Vent Kit
(DCVK) for installation specifications.
Side Wall Vent Kit
This kit is to be used with 2" or 3" direct vent systems. The
vent kit must terminate outside the structure and may be
installed with the intake and exhaust pipes located side-
by-side or with one pipe above the other. These kits are
NOT intended for use with single pipe (non-direct vent)
Refer to the directions furnished with the Side Wall Vent
Kit (p/n 0170K00000S or 0170K00001S) for installation
Condensate Drain Lines & Drain Trap
A condensing gas furnace achieves its high level of efficiency
by extracting heat from the products of combustion to the
point where condensation takes place. The condensate must
be collected in the furnace drain trap and routed to an
appropriate drain location in compliance with local and
national codes.
Follow the bullets listed below when installing the drain system.
Refer to the following sections for specific details concerning
furnace drain trap installation and drain hose hook ups.
The drain trap supplied with the furnace must be used.
The drain trap must be primed at time of
The drain line between furnace and drain location
must meet local and nation codes.
The drain line between furnace and drain location
must maintain a 1/4 inch per foot downward slope
toward the drain.
Do not trap the drain line in any other location than
at the drain trap supplied with the furnace.
If the drain line is routed through an area which
may see temperatures near or below freezing,
precautions must be taken to prevent condensate
from freezing within the drain line.
If an air conditioning coil is installed with the
furnace, a common drain may be used. An open
tee must be installed in the drain line, near the
cooling coil, to relieve positive air pressure from
the coil's plenum. This is necessary to prohibit any
interference with the function of the furnace's drain
Figure 19
NOTE: In vertical installations, air conditioning coil conden-
sate may drain into the furnace trap as long as there is a trap
between the coil and the furnace trap and the drain pipe is
not terminating below the water level of the furnace trap.
NOTE: Drain components shown for information purposes only.

General Drain Information

All furnace models come with a factory installed drain trap.
For vertical installations, the trap will remain in the factory
position except for a counterflow when the installer desires
the drain to exit the right side. All furnace models installed
horizontally require the trap to be relocated. Many drain
hoses have a built–in grommet which will provide a cabinet
seal when installed. See instructions below for your model
and installation position.
NOTE: Both sides of the drain trap must be primed prior
to initial furnace start up
100 Degree
Figure 20



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