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Filter Replacement - Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual

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Filter Replacement

Filter replacement time
When the filter is dirty, the light illuminates.
Time until illumination depends on air quality.
The state of filter is saved even when unit is
unplugged or moved.
Conditions leading to shorter replacement period:
Soot or the like is ingested.
If used in busy places such as restaurants,
games halls and beauty salons.
If Turbo or High modes are frequently used.
Filter replacement
Step 1: Unplug the machine.
Step 2: Put on mask and gloves.
Step 3: Follow filter removal process on page 6.
Step 4: Place dirty filter in a sealed bag and discard.
Step 5: Discard gloves and mask.
Step 6: Wash hands with soap.
Afterwards the machine should be plugged in.
1. Push filter reset button for more than 5 seconds until a sound is heard.
2. Filter replacement light extinguishes.
Remember to reset the filter
reset button
If filter is mounted in reverse, the unit will not work. Also never reuse a dirty filter,
otherwise dust stuck to it will be emitted.
A dirty filter should not be reused even if washed. Not only is this ineffective,
but it may cause malfunction.
Filter reset button
Filter replacement light