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Installation - Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual

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Can be put on the floor or the desk.
Do not use the remote control in the following places
Rooms with fluorescent light,
especially inverter typeThis
may cause remote
failure. Keep away
from the light or try
a different direction.
Set the unit in line with air quality required.
In rooms with small dust and smells such as smoke - install over 1m above floor.
In rooms with larger dust, such as pollen - install near floor.
Keep more than 1 metre from television and
radio to prevent interference.
Dust sensor is on
bottom right. Keep
away from walls
and furniture.
Choose a well-ventilated place. Air conditioning, as
pictured at right,
improves ventilation
and enhances dust
sensor performance.
Installation hints
or more
Leave at least 10 cm
from walls
Good ventilation
Rooms exposed to
direct sunlight.This
may cause remote
Avoid places with wind blowing on the sensor.
This may cause malfunction.
Do not place near curtains,
which may be soiled or
cause malfunction.
Avoid placing in the vicinity of
smokers, since such fumes quickly
disable the unit.