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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool UltraPure AP33 Owner's Manual

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Do not repair or disassemble without qualified assistance.
When this happens
The unit does not work
Unit does not remove
smell or smoke
It does not operate
even to remove
cigarette smoke
Cleanness light shows
dirty, though air seems
Loud operation noise
Remote control doesn't
.Is there a power failure (perhaps caused by fuse or circuit
.Is it plugged in?
.Are filter and front cover securely fitted?
.Has filter been removed from bag?
.Has 3-in-1 filter been installed backwards?
.Is filter dirty?
.Is air outlet covered?
.Is the room too large? (Perform manual Turbo operation)
.Do people smoke in the room often?
.Is UV light illuminated? (In case of light failure, please
contact manufacturer)
.Operate the machine in a clean room for about eight hours
to refresh photocatalyst filter.
.(If large amount of smell has been cleaned, the machine
may temporarily be slow to eliminate smells)
.Is the unit in a place not allowing smells and cigarette
smoke to be easily detected?
·Are gas and dust sensor openings closed or clogged?
(clean them by referring to pages 11 and 12)
·Is sensor sensitivity set at 'Lo'?
. The sensor reacts to cosmetics, perfume, alcohol and
insecticide spray. (Change sensitivity setting or room
. When connecting to the mains, the cleanness light may
show dirty at the beginning because the sensor is not
. This will read normally once the air becomes cleaner.
. Is unit set up in an unstable place?
. Is filter very dirty?
.Is the battery dead?
.Has transparent tape been removed from battery?
.Is the battery wrongly installed?
.Is the unit placed too close to fluorescent lighting?